Skate Park

Nestled between the two downtown off ramps under the Cambie Street Bridge you will find an area I sometimes like to think of as a little utopia where people can peacefully coexist in harmony.  It’s Cooper’s Park and everything just works in that little space: families with young children can play in the playground; or, young dog families can play in the off-leash park just a few meters away; kids, adults (young and old) are able stroll and bike ride along the seawall; a group of people can shoot some hoops; courageous boot camp souls can be seen getting, well, their butts kicked into shape; all while these fearless skater types leap off benches and rails. Everyone accepts; everyone embraces; everyone respects the space and each other.  Yay, Vancouver!

This is Jake. He is 12. He and his friends often spend their afternoons (every afternoon!) at the Kensington Skate Park found on the east side of Knight Street between E. 33rd and E. 37th. The youngest in the group is an 8 year old boy named Ryley. I asked Jake how long it took him to learn to skate, ‘one day’ he said. I could easily be their mother and was so glad to see them spending their time doing something positive. When asked what they liked best about this particular skate park, ‘the bowl’ they responded unanimously. ‘What do you feel when you are in there?’ I asked. ‘Inner peace’ they responded. Wow!

We have a guest this week for the West part of EastSideWest. Thank you Anita Lee!


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