What is the idea of the festival?  To me, it’s about a group of people coming together to listen, play, watch, participate, and celebrate.  This weekend at the Khatsalano Music and Art Festival in Kitsilano (on West 4th between Burrard and Macdonald) these very things happened.  People listened to music, danced, ate, walked, supported local artists and businesses, enjoyed each other’s company and the sunshine!  These kids of summer were taking a break from it all and at that moment became the best representatives of their neighbourhood and their festival!

On Saturday July 21st, we celebrated the 24th Illuminares event at Trout Lake. This year’s theme was “Let Your Bright Light Shine!”. This fantastic event is put on by Public Dreams. It is a place where magic happens and community comes together. The young play to their hearts desire while parents, friends and neighbours gather to picnic around the lake and to visit the many illuminated installations.

Alas, we did not stay for the 9.45pm procession around the lake. Our kids were pretty ready for bed by 9.00. There was also a 10.15pm grand finale with a spectacular 30-person fire show by Radiant Heat.

What amazes me about the events that Public Dreams put on is the amount of work that goes into them. So many  people volunteer, gather and create to bring joy to our community and world. Our hats go off to these people. Thank you!

thanks again to Anita Lee this week for being my partner on the WestSide!


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